Day: October 9, 2023

Is Immediate Edge a Scam?Is Immediate Edge a Scam?

immediate edge scam or not

This software immediate edge scam or not  designed to scan different exchanges for price differences and then execute trades based on this information. It is advertised as a trading robot that can make you rich in no time at all. Its creator, Edwin James, claims that his program will help you to get your hands on thousands of dollars every month by making you the winner in the crypto investment world. This app also supposedly has over 136 tradeable assets and works day and night to spot opportunities for you.

You can add money to your account via credit cards or PayPal. Once you have deposited at least $250, you can start trading with the program. You can even try out the software for free before you decide to invest real money. They also have a solid verification system that checks whether you are a real person by asking you to confirm your email address and provide an ID.

The Immediate Edge Scam: Uncovering the Truth Behind the Hype

Another great thing about Immediate Edge is that it offers quick withdrawals. You can withdraw your money anytime you want on weekdays, and they usually process it within a day or two. However, there is a 2% fee if you’re taking out your profits.

The official website of Immediate Edge has very little information about how the software works. It is not regulated, and therefore, it does not qualify for investor protection. This means that if you deposit funds with the site, you will not be eligible to receive compensation in case of fraud or bankruptcy. This is why it’s crucial to only use reputable trading platforms that offer investor protection.