Day: November 2, 2023

Finite Solutions Home CinemaFinite Solutions Home Cinema

With trip to the local Home Theater often associated with overpriced popcorn and throngs of noisy teenagers, a dedicated home entertainment room is increasingly attractive. With new movies released on blu-ray almost as soon as they leave the silver screen, a smart at-home cinema provides the ultimate way to immerse yourself in a great film.

Designed and installed by Leeds-based Finite Solutions, this picture palace was carved from the cellar of the client’s London townhouse and features a striking curved projector screen and bespoke, tiered seating array. It’s a room where the visual performance is matched by an exceptional sound setup, with an Anthem AVM 50v processor delivering the brand’s ARC room EQ system and twin bespoke DSPs.

The Future of Home Entertainment: 8K and Beyond with Finite Solutions

A Kaleidescape Strato C + Terra server stores the client’s movie collection, allowing them to stream high-definition films directly from their internet connection in Full HD quality. It also offers a number of media cues that can be used to automatically dim the lighting array and lower the blinds, as well as adjust masking systems and projector lens settings.

To complete the experience, the home cinema is connected to the rest of the property via a smart control system from Savant. This allows the user to assemble their room for screening with just one swipe of an iPad, which can lower the screen, switch on the projector, select the movie, and cue the lighting array into ‘Movie Mode’. It’s a simple but hugely effective way to streamline the home cinema experience, which should encourage the client to use the room far more frequently than they otherwise would.