Day: April 12, 2024

The Impact of Globalization on Local Sports CulturesThe Impact of Globalization on Local Sports Cultures

The Impact of Globalization on Local Sports Cultures

From its origins dating back to the ancient Olympic Games all the way to professional sports today, sport has become a major factor in the culture, entertainment, economics, pride and unity in every society and nation around the globe. This interdependence of societies and nations with their respective sports has evolved through globalization in a very positive way. These cultures have integrated with each other in many ways and come together to show this interdependency in the biggest event for world unity and pride, The Olympic Games. This link สมัครสมาชิก www.UFABET ที่

Nevertheless, the challenges to globalisation from below are increasing with a number of countries challenging core liberal values and refusing to be bound by international conventions such as human rights conventions [Reus-Smit 2021]. This challenge is manifested in many ways including: redefining what is considered a legitimate body through redefining the rules and regulations of sport; and, importing players from abroad in order to improve their chances at winning Olympic gold (e.g. ‘plastic Brits’ and ‘imported Qataris’).

The Impact of Globalization on Local Sports Cultures

From above, globalisation is largely perceived as the result of the embedding of the liberal international order (LIO) which has structured relations between capitalist industrialised states since the late 1940s. This LIO is primarily characterised by the expansion of international political and trade organisations such as the United Nations, Council of Europe and WTO and the increased power of multinational corporations. It is also characterised by a shift away from traditional State marketing policies to reliance on a more technocratic approach.

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