Hayden For Congress Recreation A French-Speaking Tour Guide in Rio De Janeiro

A French-Speaking Tour Guide in Rio De Janeiro

From Guidefrancophoneriodejaneiro such as Copacabana Beach and Sugarloaf Mountain to Brazil’s rich history and fascinating natural landscapes, Rio de Janeiro is a powerful magnet for visitors. However, with so much to see and do in this dazzling city, it’s important for visitors to take their time. That’s where a local French-speaking tour guide comes in.

These guides are passionate about Brazil and love sharing their knowledge with visitors. Whether you’re interested in Brazil’s history, culture, geography, science, or cuisine, you’ll learn more than you would from reading half a page in a guidebook with the help of a guide. And if you’re traveling with kids, a tour guide is invaluable in ensuring that everyone has fun.

Adventure Seekers’ Paradise: A French Tour Guide’s Take on Outdoor Activities in Rio

A Carioca (Rio local), Fabio honed his high-end tourism skills in the cruise ship and hospitality industries before starting Rio Cultural Secrets in 2012. His tours are as fun and friendly as he is, and he tailors them to fit visitors’ specific interests. For example, he can whisk them away from the tourist trail to visit Rio’s lesser-known West Zone attractions such as the exquisite gardens of Sitio Burle Marx and the folk art museum Casa do Pontal.

Choosing a private tour with Rio Cultural Secrets is the best way to get a feel for this unique Brazilian city, dubbed “Cidade Maravilhosa” (“Marvelous City”). Popular tours include the Half Day Tour of Historic Rio which explores both the past and present of Brazil’s most enchanting metropolis; the Full Day Tour of Rio, taking in famous sights such as Corcovado Mountain with its Christ the Redeemer statue, Leblon, and Tijuca Forest; or the Rio City Tour, which whizzes from one highlight to another.

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