Hayden For Congress Blog How to Tell If He’s Emotionally Unavailable

How to Tell If He’s Emotionally Unavailable

Men who are emotionally unavailable often seem like real firecrackers in the beginning of a relationship. They’re hot to text, quick with sex and they make you feel like he’s totally into you. But then, like a tidal wave, they pull back. The emotional connection you crave feels like it’s slipping away. If you’ve experienced this type of dynamic before, it can be a bit disorienting and confusing.Reasource: groenerekenkamer

How do emotionally unavailable man behave?

One thing to look for in an emotionally unavailable man is that he has difficulty expressing emotions, especially negative ones. This is a sign that he has trouble connecting to people because he doesn’t know how to express himself.

This may also be because he’s never had a deep and healthy relationship or because of a painful family of origin experience. Emotionally unavailable men are often out of touch with reality because they’re protecting themselves from getting hurt or feeling bad about things that happened to them in the past.

A way to tell if he’s emotionally unavailable is if he brushes everything off with a joke or a sarcastic response. They do this in order to avoid dealing with their own emotions and because they’re scared of intimacy. They aren’t trying to be mean but rather they’re putting up walls that are meant to protect them from being hurt. When he treats you in this way, it’s a sign that he doesn’t trust you to not use his vulnerabilities against him.

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