Hayden For Congress Blog Native Smokes Canada – Explore a Flourishing Indigenous Tobacco Industry

Native Smokes Canada – Explore a Flourishing Indigenous Tobacco Industry

Explore a Flourishing Indigenous Tobacco Industry

native smokes in Canada are a growing part of the country’s economy, and they have become a source of pride for some communities. This article aims to explore the history of this unique venture, and the factors that are contributing to its success.

A wide range of smoking and tobacco products are available for purchase on reserve, from both Indigenous and non-Indigenous vendors. In most cases, these cigarettes are sold at much lower prices than are legal, non-Indigenous cigarette brands. Cigarettes sold on reserves are not subject to federal and provincial taxes that typically comprise about 75 percent of the total cost of a pack of cigarettes in Canada. This allows the cigarettes to be sold to both Indigenous and non-Indigenous consumers at a profit that is higher than what would be possible through legal channels.

Where to Buy Indian Cigarettes Near Me: A Guide to Local Options

The majority of the contraband cigarette trade in Canada is located in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, where provincial taxes are the lowest in the country. Some First Nations smoke shops are even legally operated, such as Grand River Enterprises, a company located on the Six Nations reserve near Brantford, Ontario. GRE produces several brands of cigarette for sale on-reserve and off-reserve.

Using data from the Canadian Tobacco Survey, this study examines the relationship between smokers’ proximity to First Nations reserves and their likelihood of making a recent purchase of contraband cigarettes on a reserve. The results show that in the first wave of the survey (Wave 1), a 10 km reduction in distance was associated with 1.38 to 4.19 times greater odds of purchasing on-reserve. In subsequent waves of the survey, however, this relationship disappeared.

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